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How To Install Insulation By Product

Insulation comes in a variety of forms, including rolls, batts, and blankets. Another kind of insulation is blow-in insulation, which consists of highly compacted nodules of insulation fibers that are blown into position through a hose. These forms of insulation are quite versatile, although each also has its own set of preferred applications.

In addition, JM manufactures a variety of products within the different insulation categories. For example, JM makes faced and unfaced insulation batts, and there are faced batts with facings made from different materials.

Depending on your insulation project, you may be using only one type of product, or you may possibly need several different types. So it's a good idea to become familiar with proper installation techniques for the products you will be using.

The following list covers the most commonly used types of home insulation. Click on the product for more information.

Insulation Installation
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